National Professional Development

Linda Levi, Director, CGI Math Teacher Leader Center,

  • CGI Math Teacher Leader Center (CGI-TLC) offers CGI Professional
    Development to teachers nation-wide.  The CGI PD
    Seminars offered through CGI-TLC are based on over 30 years
    of CGI research on children’s mathematical thinking and teacher
    growth. Based on this research, CGI-TLC offers the
    following CGI seminars:

    • CGI K-2 for Kindergarten through second grade teachers with
      a content focus on Number, Base Ten Concepts, Operations,
      Equations and Algebraic Thinking.
    • CGI 3-6 for third through sixth grade teachers with a content
      focus on Number, Base Ten Concepts, Fractions, Decimals,
      Operations, Equations and Algebraic Thinking.
      Introduction of CGI This 3-day seminar gives teachers
      an opportunity to start using CGI in their classrooms. It is
      possible to add distance-learning sessions to the CGI Intro
      Seminar in order to enhance teachers’ use of CGI with their
    • CGI for Administrators – Administrators are welcome and
      encouraged to attend our seminars alongside
      their teachers.  The CGI for Administrators seminar is designed
      to provide additional information on supporting CGI within a
      school.  If administrators are unable to attend CGI PD with
      their teachers, we add a “CGI Overview” to this seminar.  This
      seminar runs for 1 – 3 days.
  • Consistent with research on teacher growth, we offer three
    years of CGI Professional Development for our CGI K-
    2 and CGI 3-5 seminars.  There are 7 days of CGI Professional
    Development for each year of these seminars.

Please contact Linda Levi at for more information on CGI Professional Development.  Linda is open to working with agencies that require a different schedule for professional development so please don’t hesitate to contact